Cam Blister Pack M82

Product Code: AJMAC97
Model: M82
Manufacture: Cam

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CAM Partena automatic blister packer, model M82/2. Width of film 225mm max, max film reel diameter 600mm, built to GMP standards, according to the dimensions of the product, the machine can produce up to 12 blisters/strokes (up to 4 along the web and 3 across), web transfer is carried out by 4 mechanical grippers, the machine can handle a wide range of forming materials, such as PVC, PP, PVC-PVDC, PVC-PE-PVDC, ALCAR, PETG, ALU-PE, ALU-PP, and lidding materials such as aluminium, aluminium-paper, aluminium-paper-mylar, aluminium-PE, polypropylene, owing to the complete range of feeders available, the machine can handle products such as hard or soft gelatine capsules, round and oval sugar coated pills and coated or un-coated tablets of any shape. Unit Is in excellent working condition and comes complete with multiple sets of change parts. Can produce up to 540 blisters/min. Also includes empty blister vision system. Power absorption: 15Kw Air Consumption: 500 Gross Weight: 3200kg Dimensions: H: 1800 x W: 1365 x L: 4810 Year of Manufacture: 1986