Countec Electronic Tablet Capsule Counter

Product Code: AJMAC901

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The Countec DMC-120 multi-channel electronic counter has a capacity to count up to 12,000 tablets per minute. Using the most advanced infrared sensors and PLC touch screen controls, the DMC line of counters provides maximum running efficiency and complete accuracy demanded by our pharmaceutical customers. The Countec DMC-120 has two 12 track counting trays with a filling nozzle for each tray discharge. The machine handles metal, glass or plastic containers up to 120mm in diameter. It also has dark time adjustability to detect broken or double tablets. Features: 100% counting accuracy with infrared sensor. Quiet operation with twin lane sanitary conveyor. User-friendly touch screen control system. Capacity of 60 BPM (100 count) or up to 12,000 tablets per minute. Tool-less dismantling for rapid cleaning and changeover.