Heraeus BK 6160 Testing Chambers

Product Code: AJMAC676
Model: BK 6160
Manufacture: Heraeus

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Thermo Scientific Heraeus BK 6160 testing chamber is ideal for packaging and shelf-life testing. A unique heating and cooling system includes a thermal jacket to ensure uniform temperature within the interior chamber. Testing chambers provide a homogeneous, stable environment. Superior temperature uniformity ensures that results are fully reproducible, yielding high quality results time after time. The BK 6160 is designed to prevent de-humidification, achieving up to 90% relative humidity with the addition of an internal water pan. Heating and cooling systems are located outside and below the chamber, where air is mixed and transported to the thermal jacket. The programmable temperature controllers allow exact temperature settings and timing of temperature cycles, even light cycles to simulate day and night. Large 166L capacity provides high testing efficiency Temperature range of 0° to 50°C for a wide range of tests Programmable temperature controllers allow many environmental simulations De-humidification prevention avoids sample searing Easy-to-clean and disinfect interiors minimize the potential for sample contamination Shelves and supports easily remove without tools Recommended for: Pharmaceutical stability tests and testing of electronic parts or samples which require temperature cycles