Kikusui Libra 2 Tablet Press

Product Code: AJMAC1022
Model: Libra 2
Manufacture: Kukusui

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36 Stations. Pressure control device for automatic weight control and rejection. Includes built-in tablet deduster. Instrumented for precompression, compression and ejection. IPT "B" type keyed upper punch sockets. Max precompression 2.5 tons, max compression 8 tons. Speed range 10-40 rpm (360-1440 tablets per minute). Max tablet diameter 16 mm, tablet thickness range 0-5 mm. Fill depth 1-8 mm or 4-11 mm (single fill), 5.5 kW main motor. Dimensions: 69.1" high x 31.5" wide x 35.4" deep. Weight 2,300 kg. Electrical: 208/220/440 volts, 3 phase 60 HZ Vacuum 105 cfm. Excellent working condition.

Automatic Weight control.