Millipore Waters 600E System Controller, 600 HPLC Pump / Fluid Unit

Product Code: AJMAC535
Manufacture: Millipore

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Waters 600E System Controller: Part of a Multisolvent Delivery System, this controller has analytical setup and FEATURES: 5-inch LCD CRT Display; Program Tables: Flow rate, Gradient, Timed events, 15 Time-based steps/table, 15 table capacity; Time-based multi-method capacity. Includes internal program tables for flow rate, gradient, and other parameters. Waters 600 HPLC Pump / Fluid Unit Number of Eluents: 4 Eluent Degassing: Helium sparge, programmable eluent selection and rate (0-100 mL/min). Modes of Operation: Isocratic, Gradient, Flow programming. Operating Flow Range: 0.00 to 20.00 mL/min in 0.01 increments, Programmable Upper and Lower limits.