Mocon Tablet Checkweigher

Product Code : AJMAC103
Model: Mocon Veritab 900
Manufacture: Mocon

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Veritab Model 900 High Speed Tablet Weighing & Sorting System * Large capacity, high speed automatic tablet sorter, as used in tablet and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations * Unit is a Veritab model 900 * Features: sorts and removes all tablets with weight defects range is 100-2000 mg does 100% tablet weight verification maximum speed of 900 tablets per minute determines statistical data for quality control systems (mean, standard deviation, trends, high totals, low totals, etc.) with onboard computer serial and parallel computer connections, for printer and remote terminals * Operational sequence: large pill hopper, holds about 2 ft. of material for sorting and weighing pill hopper empties into vibratory pan feeder vibratory pan feeder feeds tablets onto rotary sorting table rotary sorting table arranges tablets into single file sequence, and separates out tablets with gross errors rotor resorting table discharges through adjustable exit gates onto weighing mechanism weighing mechanism verifies weights of each tablet proper tablets are discharged through right side of this machine inferior tablets are rejected into waiting container