Nordson 3100 Hot Melt Glue Unit

Product Code: AJMAC536
Model: 3100
Manufacture: Nordson

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The Nordson Series 3100 is equipped with the state-of-the-art MicroSet Multiscan Control, which provides individual setpoints for each heated component and microprocessor-based diagnostics. Unit Number: 3100-1EA32 Type of System: Non-circulating (piston pump) Tank Capacity/Tank Volume: 8 lb (3.6 kg)/230 in3 (3.7 L) System Melt Rate: 8 lb/hr (3.6 kg/hr) Maximum Pumping Rate: up to 72 lb/hr (32.7 kg/hr) Temperature Range: 160-450°F (70-230°C) Temperature Control Stability: ±1°F (0.5°C) Ambient Temperature Range: 32-120°F (0-50°C) Electrical: 200-240 V 50/60 Hz 17 Amps 1 or 3 Ph Maximum Working Hydraulic Pressure (90 psi/621 kPa Air): 1260 psi (8.7 MPa) The electrical cabinet is designed to provide maximum access to electrical components for ease of service and maintenance. This unit comes with a Manual. The pump is piston pump and the manifold is 4-port.

  • Selection of major system components.
  • including manifold.
  • drive.
  • filter.
  • pump and control system. Programmed sequential startup for reduced component stress. System-ready delay (with parent machine interlock) for pump protection. Forty-five degree manifold face for easier hose routing. Overtemperature protection. Contacts for remote indication of fault and ready conditions. Precise resistance temperature detector (RTD) temperature sensing. Teflon coated tank for reduced char buildup. Compatibility with existing Nordson RTD hoses and guns. Electrical quick-disconnects for easy installation and maintenance. Cast-in heaters for increased service life. Compliance with major approval codes worldwide..