Technophar SGM 1010 Softgel Machine

Product Code: AJMAC892

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Die Roll dimensions: 4inch diameter x 7.25inch length. Operational speed: up to 5rpm. Control of all production and process parameters using a programmable logic controller (PLC) with touch-screen. Sealed construction to prevent leakage and subsequent product contamination. Pneumatic system for controlling pressure between the dir rolls. minimized ribbon lubrication system, using porous oil rolls. Electronic metering oil pump for gelatin ribbon lubrication. Spreader boxes made of bronze or stainless steel c/w electronic level control. Overload protection on divider, mangle roll and oil roll. Pneumatic system for lowering and raising wedge assembly. Internal lubrication system on moving parts. 8-basket Tumbler Dryer with air flow, basket speed and temperature adjustable through PLC touch-screen. Drying cycle and capsule transfer automatically controlled through PLC by inputting total capsule piece weight. Stainless steel and GMP approved materials.