Varian 9050 Variable Wavelength UV-VIS Detector

Product Code: AJMAC515
Model: 9050
Manufacture: Varian

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The Varian 9050 detector has the following general specifications (FROM MANUFACTURERS LITERATURE): Diagnostics: Built-in Self-Test and diagnostics. Time Programming: Time-programmable wavelength, recorder attenuation, autozero, time constant, peaksense, timeslice, pulse, and external event relays. Time constant is programmable at time zero only. Store up to five methods with memory power interrupt protection. Wavelength: Deuterium lamp and automatically controlled second order filter, 190-700 nm. Flow Cell: 15 0 volume, 8 mm pathlength. Pressure: 2000 psi maximum on all flow cells. Time Constant: 0.05, 0.5, 1.0, and 5.0 sec. selectable from the keyboard. Spectral Bandwidth: 5 nm. Recorder Output: Selectable Absorbance Ranges-0.001, 0.002, 0.005, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0. 1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 AU=1 mV or 10 mV (switch selectable). Data System Output: 2 AU 1 volt or 10 volts, selectable from the rear panel. Peak Sensing: Peak Start Peak End, Valley, Timeslice, and Pulse will activate the Peaksense relay and generate event marks on the recorder chart.